About Taking A Break And Realizations

Hi there.

Yes, I am still around. I apologize that I have not posted anything in quite a while. Lately, life is kind of crazy around here, working 10 hours 4 days a week in my high stress job is getting the best of me, and on top of that, I am applying for a better position at work. Put this all together, and you have a mess. But now, it seems like life is slowing down a little bit, and I feel a lot better and a lot less stressed.

So, coming to my post for today.


About taking a break.

Another reason why I hardly was on WordPress at all was that luna and I took a break from the D/s lifestyle. We did this on both of our agreement. A good Dominant is able to take care of his submissive/ slave and he does that by being in control of his submissive’s/ slaves life, wellbeing, schedule, feeling, training, goals, daily tasks, dress, behavior, in short, everything that does any good for the slave/ submissive. But also by being in control of his own life, appearance, attitude and behavior. A good Dominant is at the same time also a great leader with a lot of responsibility.

A little while ago I was not there. I did not feel Dominant most of the time, and since I felt like I was not in control of my life, how in the world, could I be in control of luna’s? I truly was in no position to make sure my luna was well taken care of and at the same time make sure I help her work on her “issues”, trying to make her feel better. So we finally decided to take a break until I was once again in full control of my life before I take control of hers.

I am aware that a decision like this may make me appear weak in some Dominant’s eyes, but to those Dominant’s I will say, I dare you. I dare you to look at yourself and make sure you are truly doing what a good responsible Dominant is all about. Are you really in control of your own life, feelings and behavior’s 100% of the time, or do you maybe just think you are? I think being a Dominant, we sometimes take our submissives and our roles for granted and more and more each day start to “slack off”. Until nothing that we promised our sub’s or slaves have promised is being done, and the lifestyle ends up being more of a “what can you do for me” where it in all actuality should be a give and take. THAT is NOT what a good Dominant is about. A good Dominant/ Master earns the title by leading as an example.

That is also a big difference between a “real Dom” and a “fake one”. A fake Dom or Master has his tile because he WANTS to have it.Maybe a lot of those people have been a great Dom at one point in time, but lost the will to fight or simply got lazy? Most of those people do not see the responsibility that comes with being a Dom or do not want it, because let’s face it, it’s hard work, lots and lots of responsibility and not only fun.

So I guess take this as a shout out to all the “fake” Dom’s. We all know there are plenty of those predatory people out there. For my part, I take this as doing my part in raising awareness and if this post helps only one submissive to not fall into the same trap as so many other already have and still will, I consider my part done.

I am ready to take a good look at myself and change what I have lost for the better. How about you?

I’ll be around more again soon. In the meantime have tons of fun and always be safe.



2 responses to “About Taking A Break And Realizations

  1. Mr Marcus- It’s good to have you back.

    Admittedly, I have been a lurker through email up until recently due to a few technical WP issues which Southern Sir (www.southernsirsplace.com) helped me sort through. After sorting them out, I went “in search of” for your voice and saw little activity, and thought I may have missed a blog change, or something, and didn’t realize it was a life transformation for you. You’ve made it through the tough part and you’ve returned. It’s worth repeating- I’m glad you’ve made it back!

    Mynx and I had a brief pause (though we never really left our D/s) in our life while I sorted through some medical issues. And you’re right, if you can’t lead you, you cannot lead others. When I read this I felt remorse for you, but happiness at the same time. Being control, just as Mr Vile (www.thekinkyworldofvile.wordpress.com) has stated so eloquently stated too, IS the simplest form of a Dominant or Master, yet so complex. My happiness for you is in both (a) that you recognized and discussed this with your sub-miss, and, (b) that you’re on your way back.

    Stay the course, be vigilant, persevere. I look forward to following your journey of reconnection, Sir.

    Much respect…

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

    • My dear Sir, a really big thank you for your kind words. This journey into the lifestyle is trip for sure. It throws us curveball and sends us into no man’s land for answers that work for us individually. In my opinion, the most important thing to remember is where we came from and who we are doing this for. Us a mm d more importantly our subs\ slaves. It sure is great to be back.
      Thank you

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