OK. I guess it is finally time to introduce myself at least a little, after being mostly passive on here.

I am by far not a good writer, and am usually pretty busy with work, kids and family life. So I am not sure how often I will get the chance to blog on here.

I was married once, then got divorced after 10 years. It was a horrible time, specifically hard on my son who lives with me 50% of the time. I did not discover my dominant “side” until I met my slave luna, and boy oh boy, did she open my eyes. I married my wife and slave earlier this year, and we are extremely happy ever since.

I cannot and will never say that I (we) are perfect, but what we do does work for us in our situation. Believe me, I am far from perfect, and I do not believe there is any such thing or anyone who is. But my goal is to be the best Master for luna, I can be, and that will take work. A lot of work and mistakes. You can find luna’s blog here: http://slavesperspective.wordpress.com/. Her blog is about trying to explain what we do for us, trying to give new submissives an insight which is really hard to find.

Make sure to check her blog out. You’ll be amazed. She is a much, much better writer than I will ever be.

What I do with luna together, does work for us. Her submission helps luna dealing with her ADD and takes the responsibility off her mind, because I make the decisions giving her mind opportunity to just relax. My Dominance helps me because it gives me the power I was always lacking, making me a lot happier and as a result seeing myself in a completely different light. By now I cannot live without my Dominant trait anymore. What I and luna blog about is no way being meant to be the “One and Only way or explanation”, but rather supposed to give some ideas, an attempt to explain and to give a starting point for your own thoughts, discussions and experiences.

One thing is for certain though. Since I discovered my “dominant side”, which really and in all actuality is not a SIDE at all, as it is after all a big part of my personality, it will never change for me. I will never go back to being “vanilla”, since that would mean I would have to lose a big part of ME.

My biggest influence and help in my journey is Vile. He has an amazing blog here: http://thekinkyworldofvile.wordpress.com/.

I guess you could say he really is an inspiration to me, someone I deeply honor and respect. Make sure to follow his blog as well, if you don’t already do so.

For now good luck in your own journey and most of all, have FUN while on it. THAT is really what it’s all about after all.



3 responses to “About

  1. Master, I am so glad you finally put something on your blog! And thank you for the “referral”. 🙂 What you have to say in this section, although as you said, it only scratches the surface, is so very true. I had an idea about my submissive side but until I met you, was never able to fully express it. It was nice to finally find my one true love AND my Master. Through living a D/s lifestyle I think we are both bringing to each other exactly what we were missing and what we both truly needed. I am very thankful we are taking this journey together. You mended my broken heart and then filled it up as well!

    • Thank you for your words luna. Really appreciated. And now everyone can see what a good slave you are. I for myself always knew you werent perfext, but perfect for me. And I truly appreciate you

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